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This Isn’t Really Goodbye

Snowbank Brewing FlightDid you have a great holiday or attend a few of the tappings going on around town this week.  I’m still hoping to get my hands on some Bourbon Country this weekend!

This is my last post for Cheers, but don’t worry, Kristin has you covered! She will be doing some beer highlights over on Feasting Fort Collins.

I’ve had a great time connecting with you over beers and events.  It was nice to be able to talk with you about a big part of our culture here in Fort Collins.  Beer is Fort Collins and it just keeps expanding and becoming even more of a presence.  Which is so exciting to watch and experience!

Of course I can’t stop talking about beer, so this isn’t really goodbye.  I will still be blogging over at Food Embrace and you can follow along as my husband and I tweet about beer news on Beer Fort Collins.

See, totally not a goodbye. And who knows, maybe we can connect over a beer sometime!

Here’s to Fort Collins and this great beer town we live in!  Cheers to that!


Thanksgiving Taplist

TapsIt’s Thanksgiving week and there’s lots of news to share.  I don’t want you to miss out on any happenings that are going on this week.

Please note that some of the breweries and bars maybe closed for the holiday or close early.  I have listed those that have put out their holiday schedule.  If I missed one, it’s because the information wasn’t available.

The Mayor is closed from Monday through Thursday and will reopen for normal hours on Friday.

Snowbank has new winter hours: Mondays 2-6pm. Tue, Thu: 2-8pm; Fri, Sat: 12-9pm; Sun: 12-6pm


Release of 25 Years and 200 Days IPL, a collab between Odell and Horse and Dragon.


1pm: Verboten releases the latest Stand Up Philosopher, a DIPA — this time only dry-hopped with Simcoe.


Funkwerks releases Blanka, a double Belgian-style Witbier, and Crimson, a wild cherry Belgian-style ale.

Pateros has extended hours, Noon-8pm

4pm, Pateros releases Snowy River Vanilla Porter, also available in cans.

3pm, Verboten does their first firkin tapping, Cinnamon Cranberry Thinking of Something Orange.


Closed for Thanksgiving:


New Belgium

Loveland Aleworks





Berthoud Brewing

City Star


12-4pm: Begin Again Toys toy drive at Odell. Purchase a Begin Again toy to donate and get a token for free pint.

Noon: Barrel-Aged Grand Cru release at Loveland Aleworks (today only).

The Mayor will be tapping Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout (BCBS), BCBS Coffee, Bourbon County Barley Wine.

$2 off growler fills with purchase of a pint and 20% off all merch at 1933 Brewing.

5pm: Berthoud Brewing Firkin Friday, Gingerbread Man Porter


12pm: Release of Cucumber Christmas at Grimm Brothers, a cucumber pilsner.


Don’t forget to get some local beers to pair with your big dinner on Thursday! Also Friday will be my last day posting for Cheers.  I’ve had a great time sharing news with you all!  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Beer of the Week: duganA by Avery

Avery duganA IPAThis week has been a bit of a stressful one.  One of my kids needed to have some teeth pulled, which is never a fun thing to go through. Wednesday of this week we were up super early to drop him off at the hospital.  Thankfully the doctors we see do a fantastic job of keeping us informed. They called us to let us know when our big guy went into surgery and then called us to let us know when he came out.  They kept us updated the entire time.

The wait until you can go and pick them up to bring them back home is brutal.  They’ve been gone all day and you just want them home resting comfortably with you instead of in the sterile hospital environment sitting in a cold crate.  When I arrived to pick him up, I could see him standing in the back waiting for his mama.

He was such a good boy they gave him a Thanksgiving bandanna and he wears it proudly.  It’s been a few days and he’s back to his old self, sleeping, eating, and wanting to run around outside.

Avery is our 6 year old boxer and boxers are known for having horrible teeth.  His needing to have teeth removed didn’t come as a surprise but nonetheless it’s still a stressful thing to go through.

Naturally I turned to one of my favorite DIPAs during all of this, Avery’s duganA IPA.  I wanted something a little comforting but also with some bite to it since that’s exactly what the situation called for.  Snug on the couch with the big guy, I sipped and he snored and life was as it should be.



In Town:

5pm: Snowbank taps Cinnamon Truffle Porter, the latest collab with Nuance Chocolate.

Out of Town:

Bottle release of Windsor Wee Heavy (a strong Scotch ale) High Hops. $1 off regular price today.

Firkin Friday Grimm Brothers with Cranberry Snow Drop.

5pm: Firkin Friday at Berthoud Brewing with Country Peach Cobbler.


Out of Town:

Movember party and moustache contest City Star

Release of Hemp Beer (a red ale “dry-hemped” wtih Colorado-grown hemp) at High Hops

5-7pm: Release of new seasonal Midnight Strikes, a Schwarzbier, at Grimm Brothers. 10oz pour for $1 (goes to charity) til kicked.

7-10pm: Commando Under the Kilt (a coca mate Scottish ale) taps Buckhorn Brewers. Wear a kilt for buy 1, get 1 pints for Stubbies Music show.

Local Beers To Pair With Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving DinnerThanksgiving is just a little over a week away and it’s time to start thinking about what beers to have on hand for the big dinner.  Lucky for us we have access to some amazing beers so let’s load up our growlers and get ready for the big day.

I kept things super simple and have three categories listed: Appetizers, Thanksgiving Dinner (Main Course), and Dessert.  For some folks Thanksgiving Day is a big deal with a huge party and food all day long.  For others it’s a smaller affair with a big meal and maybe a pie.  This list should cover all your needs no matter what kind of shindig you participate in.


Since the main course of Thanksgiving tends to be a bigger, heavier dinner, appetizers tend to stay on the lighter side.  There might be a cheese plate, some nuts, and maybe some dips for chips, pretzels, and veggies.  If we think about the flavors of appetizers, there’s salty, nutty, and creamy.  Because of this you’ll want to keep beers on the lighter side as well.  Something crisp and refreshing that accentuates the appetizers. You also want to keep the ABV on the lower side.  Remember, these are starter beers for a day filled with drink and food.

New Belgium

  • Accumulation
  • Pumpkick (might surprise you but it has a tartness that will go well with appetizers)


  • 90 Shilling
  • 5 Barrel Pale


  • Bike Trail Pale
  • Moon Arete Wheat

Horse and Dragon Picnic Rock Pale


Thanksgiving Dinner:

The big meal tends to be a heavy one full of earthy, rich flavors.  When we think of Thanksgiving dinner, we automatically turn to roasted veggies, heavy mashed potatoes with gravy, and roasted turkey.  These are big bold flavors and the beer to go with those needs to be something that is going to cut through all that heavy food but not overwhelm the palate. You can go a little higher on the ABV with dinner but don’t go past 10%.  Thanksgiving is a BIG dinner usually followed by a short food coma so anything 10% and up, you risk all your guests passed out on your couch for a nap!

Funkwerks Saison (has a dry finish with that nice black peppercorn bite to it)

Snowbank’s Silent Snow White IPA

Odell’s Myrcenary

Fort Collins Brewery’s 1020 Pale Ale


Dessert can go either way when it comes to Thanksgiving.  There will probably always be a pumpkin pie but some folks like to expand their dessert menu and have all sorts of treats available.  I personally like having darker beers at the end of the evening and dark beers pair so well with dessert dishes.

New Belgium

  • Salted Belgian Chocolate Stout
  • 1554


  • Smirking Lantern Pumpkin Ale
  • Pawnee Porter

Fort Collins Brewery Double Chocolate Stout

Horse and Dragon’s Sad Panda


  • Isolation Ale
  • Cutthroat Porter

Of course at the end of the evening you can open up the ABV bombs to sip and share.  You may still be able to find some of Avery’s Rumpkin floating around town.  Or The Bruery’s Smoking Wood would be a great night cap.  If you want to keep things stouty, you can’t go wrong with Epic’s Big Bad Baptist.

Naturally this list isn’t all of the possibilities as we have so much beer to choose from!  This was just to give you an idea of what to look for and what to think about when pairing beers for Thanksgiving Dinner.  Do you have a go-to beer that you love having on the big day?


Beer of the Week: New Belgium’s Ales for ALS

New Belgium Ales for ALS with shrimp and gritsOn Tuesday of this week, Feasting Fort Collins and I attended the New Belgium beer pairing dinner at d’Vine bistro.  This may surprise you, but this was the first local beer pairing dinner that I’ve attended.  The event was very well run and a huge credit to the staff at D’vine for being engaging with the diners and making sure everyone was taken care of.

I also really appreciated the fact that all of the New Belgium staff who attended made sure to walk around and chat with all of the diners. I’ve been to many beer related events where the brewery reps don’t walk around and chat folks up.  Instead they stay in a corner and only talk to their coworkers.  The New Belgium staff was very welcoming and outgoing.

There was one beer included in the dinner that I had not had before, New Belgium’s Ales for ALS.  The rep who was talking about this beer mentioned that they were going for a darker saison style beer.  I’m a saison snob so this beer had my attention.  It was on the darker side but had sweet malt notes with just a hint of saison funk on the end.  Nothing over the top, the contrasting flavors of this beer balanced out and made for a really fresh tasting black saison.

This was with the third course, which was jumbo shrimp and grits with a Blue Paddle beer blanc.  It paired really nicely with that offering. (Click on the picture to it full size)

The rest of the pairings were:

  • First Course: Blue Paddle with Reuben Eggrolls and Fig, Honey, and Goat Cheese Beignets.
  • Second Course: Accumulation with an Arugula, Orange, Fennel salad dressed with Accumulation Vinaigrette along with some Elk Tar-Tar.
  • Fourth Course: La Folie with Pistachio and Apricot Sausage wrapped in Housemade Brioche with a side of Sweet Potato Puree and Hazel Dell Mushroom Sauce.
  • Fifth Course: Salted Belgian Chocolate Stout with Salted Chocolate Mousse and Drunken Cherries.

Because I had not had the Ales For ALS before and it surprised me with its style and taste, it makes this week’s beer of the week!



In Town:

$3 Accumulation pints and contests at New Belgium today.

Fort Collins Brewery is tapping Imperial Ginger IPA and Not Yer Cousin’s Common.

5pm Snowbank taps their latest collab with Nuance Chocolate, Gingerbread Chocolate Porter.

Out of Town:

Firkin Friday at Grimm Brothers with Garlic Rosemary Red Cap.

5pm Firkin Friday at Berthoud Brewing with Sour Apple Ale.


10:30am Beer Brunch at Moot House with Grimm Brothers, 5courses-6beers $29.95/tix

3rd Anniversary party for Cranknstein, events all day, special beers tapping in the evening.


Local Winter Seasonals

New Belgium Brewing Accumulation AleIt’s a chilly blustery day with the first heavy snowfall of the season and temps dropping to single digits in the evenings.  This is the perfect time to talk about some winter seasonals that are popping up around town!

Odell offers up their Mountain Standard and Isolation Ale. Mountain Standard is a glorious double black IPA with roasty malts and just a touch of hop bitterness on the finish. Isolation Ale is a darker winter ale that has deeper malty notes. Also available and new this year is their Gramps, a hefty oatmeal stout.

On the lighter side, New Belgium has Accumulation Ale which is a white IPA, light and crisp just like the first snow. Also, Frambozen, a light raspberry brown ale. If you want something a little darker, the current Lips of Faith, Salted Belgian Chocolate Stout, will fit the bill for evenings around the fire.

Fort Collins Brewery has their Double Chocolate Stout available, a deep rich stout full of chocolate notes. They also currently have Haus Brew Black IPA, which is smooth with a hint of piney hop.

Pateros Creek is offering up Hike To The Falls, a milk stout made with juniper berries and sage. Very holiday inspired!

Horse and Dragon recently released their The Dark Crystal Cascadian, a Cascadian dark ale with the perfect combo of malty and hoppy, as well as their new Vanilla Caramel Double Cream Ale.

Upcoming Releases

Grimm Brothers will be releasing a new winter seasonal on November 22nd called Midnight Strikes. A schwartzbier that promises to be smooth with a velvety malt finish.

Loveland Aleworks will tap Barrel Aged Grand Cru on November 28th. This will be a Belgian Dubbel with a big alcohol bite.

All of these beers are available in their respective taprooms (upcoming releases available on their release day) and you’ll probably see them pop up around town at a few of the local bars. Do you have a favorite local winter seasonal?

Beer of the Week: Odell’s Dark Days Taster Tray

Dark Days Taster Tray at OdellThe weather is getting even more chillier in the evenings, the sun sets earlier, and we had to turn the clocks back an hour.  We are headed full steam into Winter.  Some places around town have already seen the first snow.

Chilly weather is dark beer season and Odell is indulging lovers of dark beer with a Dark Days taster tray.  It’s full of glorious dark beers that are on a rotating basis, as soon as one keg kicks then they’ll add on different dark beer.

The day I was there, the taster tray included:

  • Change Maker, Black Kolsch
  • Tall Tale Brown, English Brown Ale
  • Loose Tool, American Brown Ale
  • Oh My Gourd, Smoked Pumpkin Ale
  • Soulless Black Saison
  • Mountain Standard, Double Black IPA

The Change Maker was my favorite of this flight.  It was light but had a smooth coffee flavor it to that was a pleasant surprise.  Coming in second was Tall Tale Brown, it was a little floral on the finish which I found interesting for an English Brown Ale.

If you love dark beers then head over to Odell, grab a Dark Days taster tray, and relax by the fire pit!

Not a whole lot going on this weekend, but there are a few events happening today.



In Town:

4:30pm:  Horse and Dragon releases Vanilla Caramel Double Cream Ale.

5-9pm: “A Toast to Marilyn” at Fort Collins Museum of Art with Fort Collins Brewery, a Marilyn Monroe exhibit. $10 donation includes 2 FCB beers + entrance to the exhibit.

Out of Town:

5pm: Berthoud Brewing taps a firkin of Cranberry Sour Ale.



Sponsored Post: Beer and Bach Event

Beer and Bach

Fort Collins is not only a beer town but it also has a huge music scene.  There are so many music and beer festivals throughout the year that one can hardly keep up with them all.

But what about combining beer and classical music?

Interesting, right?

The Fort Collins Symphony is in its 65th year and this year they are putting on some unique events to bring classical music to the folks in Fort Collins. This month they are pairing up with one of Fort Collins’ newest breweries for a night of delicious beer and  live music featuring the works of Johann Sebastian Bach.

The event will be held at the Horse and Dragon taproom.  The music will be provided by Joel Bacon (Stewart and Sheron Golden Chair in Organ and Liturgical Studies at Colorado State University) will put his unique spin on some of the classics by Bach.  Appetizers will also be available as provided by Enzio’s.

Beer and Bach is on Thursday, November 13th, at 7pm.  Tickets can be purchased beforehand for $20 or purchased at the door for $30.  The price includes two beers, appetizers, and of course the experience of listening to a live performance of some of the more memorable works by Bach.

If you haven’t been to Horse and Dragon’s taproom yet, this is the perfect time to get out there!  This is a unique opportunity to enjoy some local beer and local foods in a relaxed and casual setting, all while listening to some great classical music.


Thank A Blogger Month

For the month of November The Scoop Blog Network is running a Thank A Blogger campaign which provides a way for readers to show their appreciation to the bloggers who provide them news and information about Fort Collins.

The bloggers who bring you news each week about the town you live in are doing this on their own time and with their own money.  Currently, the blogs in The Scoop Blog Network are funded solely by sponsorships.  If the blog doesn’t have any ads on the sidebar that means that the blogger is currently not being paid for the information that they are providing you.

Readers in the past have approached Feasting Fort Collins about ways they can give back and a lot of discussion within the network has be focused on this issue.

We know that subscriptions aren’t very popular and people do not like having to pay for content.  In an effort to try to provide a way for readers to thank the bloggers without resulting to restricting content, the idea for Thank A Blogger was formed.

Readers can donate to their blogger of choice and those funds go right to the blogger as a Thank You for providing them with free content on a consistent basis.  The donation link is provided on the sidebar and readers are free to make donations for the month of November.

This also brings up the opportunity to ask your thoughts on long-term sustainability of community information in Fort Collins. Online content is (and has always been) in a precarious balance – it’s either supported by advertising dollars or subscriptions. This is not a new challenge by any means, major publications all over are navigating the same predicament, but we’ve been constantly thinking about ways to maintain sustainable balance while providing information in Fort Collins. So, who better to ask than our readers?

We would love to get your two cents – would you support seeing more advertisers on our blogs? Possibly from large companies outside of Fort Collins? Would you ever pay for a subscription for our newsletters? Or a membership subscription for exclusive content? Or would you support a few reader donation drives like this a few times a year, PBS-style?

Let us know what you think and how you would like to see community content supported in Fort Collins.

And thanks so much to our readers who’ve asked for ways to donate! We appreciate you tremendously!