Beer of the Week: duganA by Avery

Avery duganA IPAThis week has been a bit of a stressful one.  One of my kids needed to have some teeth pulled, which is never a fun thing to go through. Wednesday of this week we were up super early to drop him off at the hospital.  Thankfully the doctors we see do a fantastic job of keeping us informed. They called us to let us know when our big guy went into surgery and then called us to let us know when he came out.  They kept us updated the entire time.

The wait until you can go and pick them up to bring them back home is brutal.  They’ve been gone all day and you just want them home resting comfortably with you instead of in the sterile hospital environment sitting in a cold crate.  When I arrived to pick him up, I could see him standing in the back waiting for his mama.

He was such a good boy they gave him a Thanksgiving bandanna and he wears it proudly.  It’s been a few days and he’s back to his old self, sleeping, eating, and wanting to run around outside.

Avery is our 6 year old boxer and boxers are known for having horrible teeth.  His needing to have teeth removed didn’t come as a surprise but nonetheless it’s still a stressful thing to go through.

Naturally I turned to one of my favorite DIPAs during all of this, Avery’s duganA IPA.  I wanted something a little comforting but also with some bite to it since that’s exactly what the situation called for.  Snug on the couch with the big guy, I sipped and he snored and life was as it should be.



In Town:

5pm: Snowbank taps Cinnamon Truffle Porter, the latest collab with Nuance Chocolate.

Out of Town:

Bottle release of Windsor Wee Heavy (a strong Scotch ale) High Hops. $1 off regular price today.

Firkin Friday Grimm Brothers with Cranberry Snow Drop.

5pm: Firkin Friday at Berthoud Brewing with Country Peach Cobbler.


Out of Town:

Movember party and moustache contest City Star

Release of Hemp Beer (a red ale “dry-hemped” wtih Colorado-grown hemp) at High Hops

5-7pm: Release of new seasonal Midnight Strikes, a Schwarzbier, at Grimm Brothers. 10oz pour for $1 (goes to charity) til kicked.

7-10pm: Commando Under the Kilt (a coca mate Scottish ale) taps Buckhorn Brewers. Wear a kilt for buy 1, get 1 pints for Stubbies Music show.

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Author:Andrea Ratulowski

Andrea Ratulowski is a long time blogger over at Food Embrace. She lives in Fort Collins with her husband and two rescue dogs. She loves great food and feels that beer is always the right choice.