First draught: The Colorado Room

If you’ve walked along College Avenue between Laurel and Mulberry in the past couple of months, then perhaps you’ve noticed the new patio spilling onto the sidewalk in front of what used to be the Glorie Cafe, a name that always sounded to me like that of a clandestine adult entertainment venue.

The fenced patio, which seemed to have sprouted overnight, demarcates the front entrance to what is now the Colorado Room. ‘Da CR has only been open a few weeks, but it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite spots along the SoMo-NoLa corridor in that it is near my house.

Proprietors Justin Serr and Danny Shea bill the Colorado Room as a Centennial State focused bar, restaurant, and hangout: A place where the menu is chockablock with local ingredients, the décor constructed from the finest High Country beetle kill, and the drinks handmade from locally-distilled libations.

I joined Kristin and Sarah, your Feasting Fort Collins and Late Night Fort Collins hosts, last Friday to sample a few of the Room’s  gastronomic and dipsomaniacal treasures. While the other two bloggers exercised a strange power that is foreign to me (restraint, I believe it’s called?), I stuffed myself silly with tater eclairs and bison poutine. Classic drunk food with modern sensibility. In fact, they snagged up executive chef Dave Richter from Denver’s excellent TAG restaurant—booyah!

But my job is to tell you about the beer.

The Colorado Room features six draughts and more bottles than you can shake a Blue Stain Fungus tinted stick at. And the local theme extends to the beer selection. On my first night there—which was a week prior—the draught lineup included

  • Mountain Standard (Odell)
  • Knotty Bough Sahti (Equinox)
  • Wild² Dubbel (New Belgium)
  • Gooseberry Cézanne Saison (Crabtree)
  • Hoss Rye Lager (Great Divide)
  • Coors Light (MillerCoors)

Upon returning a week later, Hoss and Mountain Standard had been replaced with Ska’s Modus Hoperandi and Pateros Creek’s Car 21.

Nice 6-pack

Nice 6-pack

Justin and Danny have gone to great lengths to ensure a great beverage experience, having commissioned a custom, long-draw, mixed gas draught system from the local gurus at Dr. Draft. Although nitrogen is only used to push standard CO2 beer at the moment, the two eventually plan to crank up the pressure in one or two of the lines and pop in a nitro faucet for beers that play well with that dispense method.

On my first trip to the Colorado Room, I enjoyed the Wild² Dubbel and Gooseberry Cézanne Saison, and I opted for the Knotty Bough Sahti on my second visit. I’m pleased to report that the serving temperatures and carbonation levels were both spot on, variables with which new establishments frequently struggle.

Danny and Justin are taking a fairly loose approach with the beer queue. When one keg kicks, they’ll put another on, but your only real assurance is that it’ll come from a Colorado brewery. Those who are better at making decisions than I might not find six draught faucets enough, but I actually find it refreshing to simply have a handful of choices. And they’ve done a great job of making those six taps count, with a portfolio that will appeal to just about every kind of beer drinker.

Come spring, the back patio will open up, bringing a much-needed Biergarten of sorts to this part of town. And listen up, homebrewers. The Colorado Room eventually plans to host a homebrew festival, in which we can legally serve our beer to the masses. Get your mash tuns ready.

So if you’re feeling indecisive this week, stop in at the Colorado Room. Say hi to Danny, Justin, and executive chef Dave, have a pint of the local stuff, and strike up a conversation.

And full disclosure, it would be dishonest if I didn’t tell you that I have a major stake in their success as well: it’s really close to my house.


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Author:Dave Carpenter

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