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Beer of the Week: Stone Brewing’s Enjoy By 10-31-14

Stone Enjoy By 10-31-14My husband was away on a business trip most of this week, he doesn’t travel often so I typically use this time to indulge a bit with guilty pleasures.  Hello Gilmore Girls on Netflix!

It’s also hockey season, which is my favorite time of year.  I decided to live it up a bit while watching the game and have some snacks.  Homemade French Onion Dip (recipe here) with chips and a brew was perfection.

The beer that I had with my snack was Stone’s Enjoy By 10-31-14.  Double IPAs are a favorite of mine and Stone does the style well.  The beer is fresh and so well balanced.  Stone is known for being a little heavy handed with the hops but the Enjoy Bys are not aggressive.  They are pleasantly bitter with a crispness that is clean rather than overwhelming.

This beer paired perfectly with the salty chips and the oniony dip.  As I sipped and munched away on my snack,  I watched as my team completely roasted the other team, walking away with an 8-3 win.

Then I watched some Gilmore Girls and headed off to bed.

Now that was a great night!

The Weekend Taplist was already shared earlier this week since it was a huge week of events around town.  There’s a lot going on today and a bottle release tomorrow so be sure to check it out!

Happy Halloween!


Beers For Trick or Treating

Tour De Fall by New BelgiumIt’s Halloween week!  If you don’t have kids, you might be planning your costume and heading out to one of the fabulous festivities around town.  Don’t worry, I’ve got you hooked up.  There’s tons of stuff going on around town so check the Halloween TapList below!

If you do have kids, then you are probably going to head out and take them trick-or-treating.  Or perhaps you’re the one stuck at home handing out candy and listening to your doorbell ring 50 bajillion times.  Let’s face it, Halloween isn’t all that exciting for parents. You’re out in the cold going from door to door and smiling politely as your kid rakes in all that candy (hopefully you steal some when they go to bed.)

I have friends tell me that they make punch or have something available for the parents who are accompanying their kids trick-or-treating.  I think that’s a fabulous idea and definitely makes things a lot more fun for the parents!

There are some great seasonals out now that would be perfect for Halloween night and trick-or-treating. They are lower in ABV but full of fall flavor.

New Belgium has Pumpkick and Tour De Fall.  Pumpkick is a light pumpkin ale with a little bit of tartness from cranberries.  Tour De Fall is a darker pale ale that’s is a bit more on the malty side.

Pateros Owl Canyon Pumpkin Ale is now available in cans.

And there’s always Odell’s Isolation Ale which is moody and dark, perfect for chilly evenings and chocolate.

Of course you don’t have to hand those out during the festivities if you don’t want.  Wait till it’s over and the kids are finally asleep, sip some beer around a fire pit and swap candy with the neighbors!

There are lots of fun events going on around town this year and I don’t want you to miss a thing!

Halloween Taplist


*4-8pm: Pateros parking lot, Costume Party Yardsale with Eco Thrift. Shop for your costume and sip some of Pateros’ cellared beers:

  • Rattlesnake Jack (chipotle, peanut, blackberry sour)
  • Peanut Brittle Red
  • Wood City (wood-aged lager)
  • SchwarzSaber (black lager)
  • Sleeping Elephant ’12 (winter ale)
  • Lindenmeier Wheat (mango, szechuan peppercorn wheat)

Grimm Brothers is hosting a murder mystery dinner. Tickets must be purchased in the taproom (but maybe you can call ahead?).  $35/ticket, 3 course dinner from Road Grill and includes beer.


5pm: Black Bottle finally taps their Count Chocula Milk Stout

SoPro Brewery Crawl with Black Bottle,  Zwei Bruder, and 1933.  Includes Find The Brewer, Trick or Treating, and more!


Frieky Friday, Friek release party at Odell.  Also featuring pumpkins full of beer and a rumored pumpkin beer.

5-10pm: Fort Collins Brewery Annual Halloween Party in the back parking lot. Live music, food, costume contest. Non-perishable food or cash donation to enter.

7pm: 80s Halloween Party at The Forge, $1 off drafts for those in costume. Dancing, Prizes, and Candy!

6-9pm: Odell Halloween specials at Road 34: Friek, Boyz in the Wood (boysenberry Berliner Weisse), Dr. Acula (oak aged black ale). $2: 5 Barrel, Loose Leaf, 90 Shilling

Halloween Party at Grimm Brothers. Bloody Mary Little Red Cap firkin, $1 off beers if dressed up. #loveland


Funkwerks taps Crimson, a wild cherry Belgian-style ale.


Beer of the Week: Fort Collins Brewery’s 1020 Pale Ale

Fort Collins Brewery's 1020 Pale AleEarlier this week I was out with Feasting Fort Collins as we kicked off the first Taco Club meeting.  It’s exactly what it sounds like, we meet and have tacos.  The idea is to meet once a month at a different taco joint around town.  Who doesn’t want tacos?! Exactly.  And yes Taco Club is open to everyone! Keep your eye on our social media accounts for when and where the next meeting will be.

The first meeting was at Matador Mexican Grill on the east side of town right off of Harmony.  I  had never been here before so I wasn’t sure quite what to expect.  It’s a build your own taco joint, nothing fancy, your basic taco and burrito type items.

To be honest, I didn’t expect there to be much in the way of beer.  If they even had beer, I figured it would be the standard, no frills, offerings.

Matador surprised the heck out of me because they had a good lineup!  They have four taps, the night we were there they had:

You have to admit, those are not your standard offerings.  AND a pint of beer is under $3.  OH YES.

I opted to go with the Pale Ale since it’s FCB’s newest release and I haven’t had it before.  My pour came in a plastic cup but when you’re out for tacos and enjoying the company, the vessel doesn’t really matter.

This was a solid pale ale, mild citrus with the slightest hop note at the finish.  It went perfectly with tacos and goes down really easy.  Because it was a new-to-me beer and because Matador surprised me with their selection, 1020 Pale Ale makes this week’s beer of the week!



In Town:

Randall’d at Funkwerks: Saison with Anise andCocoa Nibs; Tropic King with Kukicha tea.

Out Of Town:

Grimm Brothers:

  • Firkin Friday Beet Fearless Youth
  • Tap release of Pumpkin Griffin (a pumpkin Hefeweizen ale),
  • 5-8pm: Can release of Fearless Youth at $1 cans. Free token for can Rocky Mountain Grill purchase.

5pm: Firkin Friday at Berthoud Brewing Aztec Chocolate Stout.


Dark Side of the Prune available at New Belgium (Saturdays Only)


Tips For Craft Beer Establishments

Fate Brewing TapsIn a previous article I shared my thoughts on craft beer and bar etiquette for patrons. These were tips to be more courteous to staff when visiting a brewery or craft beer bar. Furthering the discussion, let’s chat about the flipside of this topic. There are things that craft beer establishments can do as well to make the experience run smoother for both staff and patrons.

Water Is Essential:

For bars, servers should always ask if guests would like water.  It’s not required to bring out water right away (though that is really nice) but the option should be put forth to the guest if they would like some water as well.

For breweries, always have water available to guests.  It should be located in an easy to get to spot and highly visible.  If the taproom is a large one, then there should be multiple water stations around.  It never hurts to point these out as well, especially for new customers.

Clear Ordering And Pickup Lines:

If you prefer to have guests place their order at a specific spot, then make sure that the area is clearly labeled.  If the area where folks can pick up their beer is different from the ordering area, make that clear as well.

Always anticipate a line and make sure that line doesn’t run into another area that could potentially cause a big clustermuck.  For example, you don’t want a line for ordering beer to block off an area where people can purchase merchandise.  Don’t position lines so that some folks might end up standing next to the trash or some other undesirable spot while waiting to place their order.

Yes I realize that there’s only so much one can do with the space they are in but try to plan it out so that everything flows as seamlessly as possible.

Flights Are A Must

For most breweries this isn’t an issue, flights tend to always be an option.  The specs of how flights are handled should be made very clear.  How many beers in a flight, what’s available for flights (some breweries don’t include special releases in flights) and the price of a flight.  Also, let guests know if they have the ability to add on to a flight and how much the add-on is.  This should all be on a board somewhere clearly visible.

Bars that claim to be craft beer bars touting X number of taps and not offering flights, shame on you.  There’s no reason for bars to not offer up flights.  ESPECIALLY when tapping multiple special beers or some ABV bombs.  You’re going to offer all that up and no way for variety-seeking beer enthusiasts to fully enjoy all the tasty options unless they order a full pour or bug your servers (or hold up the ordering line) for multiple samples? Please.  Flights are a must, especially in this town where we have access to so many awesome beers.  Start offering up flights to your guests, and follow the same rules for breweries.

This is not an exhaustive list by any means, I’m sure we can all come up with more things to add. These are just a few things that I feel are important for craft beer places to keep in mind. These suggestions can help make the beer-going (and beer-serving) experience more enjoyable for everyone.

Beer Of The Week: Choice City Butcher’s 10th Anniversary Ale

Choice City 10th Anniversary Ale, stout aged in Pappy BarrelsFor this installment of Beer of The Week, we have to go back a couple of weeks.  Good things don’t just happen in Denver during GABF week, Fort Collins sees some action too.  All week long there are events and special tappings going on around town.  Sometimes there’s so much that it can be hard to follow it all and you have to create a plan of where you’re going to go and what you’re going to drink.

It’s serious business.  At least in our household!

During that week, Choice City Butcher had tapped another keg of their 10th Anniversary ale which is a stout aged in Pappy Van Winkle barrels.  This is a collab with Hoppin’ Frog and Odell.


I am in love with this beer.  It has a hefty mouthfeel but so smooth with hints of oak, vanilla, and a little brown sugar right on the finish. Whenever this beer gets tapped, I make sure to get there as quickly as possible so I can have a sip.  This time around my husband and I were able to bike on down to Choice City and indulge in a couple.

There was a gentleman ahead of me in line who told the server he hadn’t been there before and asked for recommendations.  The server immediately told him the 10th Anniversary Ale was a good choice.  I chimed in (I will always chime in during beer conversations) and told the guy that if he enjoys bourbon then he will love this beer.

It’s true, if you love great bourbon and enjoy darker beers, you will love this beer.

This stout is so full of bourbon you forget you’re drinking a beer.  Yet it doesn’t have any alcohol burn to it.  If you see this beer get tapped again make sure to get some because it’s damn fine.




In Town:

5pm: Pateros releases Owl Canyon Fresh Pumpkin Ale, it will also be available in cans.

Out Of Town:

Grimm Brothers firkin, Cucumber 3 Golden Hairs.

5pm: Berthoud Brewing taps a firkin of Carrot Cake Ale.


In Town:

10:30am-12:30pm: Hip Hops beer brunch with The Moot House.  RSVP

5pm: Third Annual Bounty and Brews, Tickets $80

6pm: New Belgium Beer dinner at The Laboratory, 5 courses/5 beers. RSVP  970-999-5996

Out Of Town:

High Hops 2 year anniversary party, special tappings include BA Chernobley and cask conditioned Honey Habanero.

Grimm Brothers releases Hans The Hedgehog, a Bavarian wheat lager.


Ignored At GABF, A Woman’s Perspective

Blurred city scapeAs you know, I had the chance to attend Great American Beer Fest (GABF) last week.  It was an interesting experience for sure.  While I had a great time, it wasn’t all rainbows and puppies.  After I left the fest, I recounted my experience to my husband (who did not attend the fest with me) and the more I told my story the more frustrated I became.

The craft beer industry is a predominantly male industry.  When a lot of people think “craft beer” they often think of the bearded guy who brews beer.  However, more and more women are entering this world, both as drinkers and working in the field.  Despite this, as women we are sometimes not taken seriously.  I’ve been fortunate in this regard in that I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been blown off or talked down to when it comes to craft beer.

At the largest beer fest in the nation, where craft beer lovers from all over gather to sample great beer and be among like minded souls, it didn’t occur to me that as a woman on her own at the fest that I would be treated any differently.  But I was, and I wasn’t treated well.  This is where my shock and frustration lies.

I patiently waited in line to get a pour of beer and when it was my turn I was ignored.  Looked over, those pouring the beers would ask the person behind me what they would like.  Even though I was right there.  Even though I was clearly the next person in line.  Yet I was passed over and people behind me got pours before I did.  Even guys who were very visibly drunk got pours before I did.

This happened at just about every booth that I went to.  At first I thought, Ok Andrea, you’re probably reading too much into this. Just move along.

GABF 2014The next booth I went to I ended up being the only one there so no one was behind me.  I was clearly the next in line, yet no one was paying attention to me.  The person pouring the beer just stood there and I literally had to wave my hand in his face to get him to recognize I was there and, oh yeah, would like a pour of beer.

At that point I realized, nope, I’m not reading too much into this, I was being ignored.  So I started paying more attention to what was going on and who was getting served attentively.

  • Males always got served first.
  • Women who were accompanied by a male got acknowledged and served.
  • Women who were in costume or more revealing clothing got acknowledged and served quickly.

All of those types of folks got served before I did.  At every booth I went to.  It didn’t matter if those pouring the beers were volunteers or if they worked for that brewery.  Me, just an average chick who is into craft beer and who was not in the presence of a male or wearing a costume/skimpy clothing, got looked over.  Every damn time. To the point where I had to start saying to the person pouring the beer, “EXCUSE ME, but I was actually next in line.”

I also experienced a weird situation where if I went back to a brewery for another sample of beer I was met with either, “Oh you’re back.”  or “Oh it’s you again.”  Um, yes? This is a beer fest, right?  Where we can sample multiple beers?  And I only got 1oz the last time through? Why wouldn’t I be back?  I have no idea if this is unique to my situation or if others experienced that same reaction as well, but I do think it’s worth mentioning.

I left the fest frustrated and disappointed in the craft beer world.  It’s still very much a man’s industry and that was made clear.  I was not expecting to be treated differently from other attendees and walked in thinking it was going to be full of awesome craft beer people.  Even though many of the people in charge of GABF and helping to make it what it is were in fact women, that didn’t seem to impact how the folks on the floor treated fellow women craft beer lovers.

Despite the fact that women are making great strides and impact in the craft beer world, after attending GABF it became obvious that we still have a long way to go.

The GABF Beers I Had And Why

The first night down in Denver, as I lay in the hotel bed, I went through the My GABF app and took a look at all the breweries and beers that were going to be made available and created a plan.  I selected the breweries I wanted to be sure to see, then it was lights out and dreams of taster glasses full of beer.

Short's Brewing booth at GABFI did have a few personal criteria (specific to this event) that I kept in mind as I picked my choices.

No sours.

While I like some sour beers, they are few and far between. I decided to not pursue sour beers or breweries that focus on beers leaning towards the sour side.  Not my thing so I kept tasters to styles that I enjoy.

No beers that distribute to Fort Collins.

Sure I could have stood in the long ass lines for The Bruery or Russian River but why waste precious time doing that when those breweries already distribute most of their stuff here.  Yes they did have some super special stuff, like Black Tuesday, but again that’s a very long line just for one beer.  Especially for beers so popular they’ll probably get kicked pretty early on.  No, my sights were set elsewhere.

No local beers.

As much as I love Fort Collins beer, I look at opportunities like GABF to try beers I don’t normally have access to.  With so many out of state breweries I had plenty of options to keep the beer explorer in me busy.

I’m also going to point out that you may look at my list and think that it’s missing some obvious choices.  Like, say, Hunahpu from Cigar City.  There are two reasons why I passed on whales like that: (1) I’ve already had it, or (2) it’s currently sitting in my cellar.

In the two and half hours that I was there, I sampled 18 beers.  You may laugh and think that isn’t very much but for me it was perfect.  I sampled the beers I wanted with a few exceptions that got kicked early on (I went to the Friday night session so the fact some beers were kicked already ticked me off).
In no particular order, I had:

  • Puddy Porter by Faction Brewing
  • Barrel Aged Drakonic by Drake’s Brewing
  • Rye Barrel Chocolate Porter by Central Waters
  • Sixteen by Central Waters
  • The Butcher by Societe
  • The Harlot by Societe
  • Ingenuity Series, Stack VI by Ladyface Ale Companie
  • Dérailleur by Ladyface Ale Companie
  • Bourbon Barrel Aged Nikolai Vorlauf by Funky Buddha
  • Heirloom Pumpkin by Almanac Beer
  • Pumpkinator by Saint Arnold
  • Bourbon Barrel Aged Pumpkinator by Saint Arnold
  • Dorothy’s New World Lager by Toppling Goliath
  • Allagash Saison by Allagash Brewing
  • Bourbon Barrel Aged Double Scottish by Shipyard Brewing
  • Void of Light by Gun Hill Brewing
  • Gingerbread Stout by Hardywood Park Craft Brewery
  • Cottonwood Pumpkin Ale by Foothills Brewing

Click here to check out the full list of breweries and beers that were available.

My two favorites were the BA Nikolai by Funky Buddha and Sixteen by Central Waters.  Coming in at a close second was The Harlot by Societe which was refreshingly crisp and palate cleansing.

Could I have stayed longer and tried more?  Of course, but I was getting tired and cranky so I called it a night and headed out.  I wanted to leave the fest on a good note instead of staying and becoming annoyed with it.

Next year, I will make sure to go earlier and sample more beers.  There were a few places I noticed as I was walking around that I would have liked to sample but didn’t get around to it.

Tuesday I’ll be sharing my experience of what it was like being a woman on her own at GABF.  It was interesting and eye opening, so stay tuned for that!

Thoughts From A GABF First Timer

GABF 2014This year I was lucky enough to attend the Great American Beer Festival and it was an eye opener of an experience.  I have heard so many people talk about this festival and all that is involved with it.  Most whisper in hushed tones that the events going on around Denver are better than the festival itself.  There was a lot of talk about the crowds being crazy and people who will purposely run up to you and make you drop your glass.

It sounded all a little chaotic and I was unsure if I would be able to handle that kind of atmosphere.  I had to navigate it on my own not having a friend or my husband there to act as a buffer between me and the crowd.  Because I’ll be honest, if someone were to smack the glass out of my hand, on purpose, we would be having a Come To Jesus moment right then and it wouldn’t be pretty.  Pro Tip: Don’t try to come between me and my beer.

So I went into the festival nervous and hesitant.

Thankfully, those feelings didn’t last long because I went in with a plan.  And fortunately the crowd, in the beginning, wasn’t that horrible.

Once again GABF implemented their smartphone app and it was a godsend.  It made navigating the festival so much easier and smoother. The app listed all of the breweries that were attending along with every beer they brought.  I was able to select which breweries I wanted to visit and then those breweries showed up on the map.  So just checking the map, I could quickly see that I wanted to visit two breweries in section A, three in section B, and so on.

Screen Shot GABF Phone AppThis way I could quickly look down at the map and see where I needed to go.  The app also listed the booth number for each brewery so I knew exactly where to find them.  I was also able to click on the individual beers to rate them and add tasting notes.  All the info was saved and I could check back on it after I left the event.

Without the app I would have been totally lost and left scrambling to balance writing notes and sampling beer.

The pretzel necklaces were in full force and with as many breweries and beer that were at the event, this was no surprise.  However, the amount of crazy necklaces that I saw was out of control.  There’s no reason to wear bagels and full bags of chips around your neck.  Seriously, folks.  GABF does a great job of providing snacks and a food court if you get hungry or need some food to soak up some of the beer.  Which surprised me; I honestly didn’t think there would be anything but beer at the event.  So a pretzel necklace is fine, but onion rings and bags of chips, not acceptable.

Because I heard so many stories about people dropping their glass and getting shamed for it and horrible stories about people causing folks to drop their glass, I had a death grip on mine.  Totally unnecessary.  The folks who drop their glasses are the ones that are stumbling around because they had so much to drink.  The glass, which is plastic, would drop, bounce, and folks would cheer.  Then it was forgotten about.  Not a big deal.  I also didn’t witness anyone purposely going up to someone and knocking the glass out of their hand.

I arrived at the fest relatively early in the evening and the crowd wasn’t nearly as full at that point.  There was plenty of space in the aisles to navigate around without being squished against a bunch of people.  The crowd started getting fuller about two hours into the event and that’s when I started noticing a lot more very drunk folks.

Short's Brewing booth at GABFThe sample size at GABF is 1 oz pours of beer.  The folks pouring the beers are not generous with their pours either (rightly so) so you aren’t going to get more than 1 oz.  In order to get as drunk as I was seeing folks had gotten, you have to drink a lot of beer.  In 1 oz increments. I don’t really understand why folks would want to get shitfaced.  At that point you won’t know or won’t care what you’re drinking and you can’t possibly appreciate the taste.  Nor are you going to really remember what you drank, so what’s the point?  I saw plenty of people who passed on beers because there was a line and they could move on to something else that had no line.  Silly.  While there are tons of attendees who actually care and respect the beer, there are plenty of folks who are just looking to get trashed.

About two and half hours was my limit.  I sampled all of the beers that I picked out on the app and the crowd was getting bigger and rowdier.  I was tired and my feet hurt, so I called it a night. I texted my husband who met me at the entrance and we headed back to our hotel.

The event was successful for me.  I got to experience the biggest beer fest in the country and it wasn’t nearly as intimidating as everyone made it out to be.  Being prepared helped and going early when it wasn’t as crowded was key.  I learned a lot and next year I’ll be even more prepared and will tackle this event like a pro.

On Friday I’ll be talking about the beers I sampled at the fest and the beers that were being tapped around town so stay tuned!

Odell’s Oktoberfest

Last week Odell Brewing celebrated 25 years of making great beer here in Fort Collins.  They had a big week full of events.  Monday kicked off the week of events with the tappings of some of their throwback beers, some discontinued beers they’ve brewed over the years.

Wednesday was the release of their 180 Shilling 25th Anniversary beer,  a nod to their flagship 90 Shilling. As their website suggests, they are a little bigger now and so their anniversary beer needed to be as well.  180 Shilling is labeled as a wee heavy and it pours a deep amber brown with a light toffee-colored head.

Odell's 180 ShillingIt’s amazing.  This beer is part of their cellar series so it’s a cage and cork bottle (which also means you cannot get a growler fill of this beer) and the first time I had it, it was right from the bottle.  I always expect great beer from Odell but this really blew me away.  It’s so smooth and almost creamy.  The oak aging mellows the beer so much and the finished product is silky caramel and vanilla.  It’s a very rich beer and I prefer to end my night with it because it is what I refer to as a slow sipping beer.  Those beers that are intense and you need to take your time with them because if you rush the moment won’t be as enjoyable.  This beer you need to sit with for a while.

Odell had more events throughout the week like Throwback Thursday where customers could show up in 80s gear and fan photo Friday encouraging folks to post pictures from the brewery or with their beer.

Sunday was the event I was waiting for, their Oktoberfest event featuring a whole hog roast.  YES!  I will not turn down smoked meats, it’s a promise.

Common Link was there with a smoker set up and smoking all of the pork to perfection.  Odell and Common Link both feel that supporting local businesses is very important, so this wasn’t just any hog roast.  This was a farm to table (truck?) affair.  The hog was from a local farm and The Scoop Blog Network’s Feasting Fort Collins was there to learn about the butchering process.  She will be doing a full writeup on her experience and what Farm-to-table actually means, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

The pork platter that Common Link offered also included German-style potato salad, apples, roasted carrots, and a pretzel roll.  It was a big platter and I couldn’t wait to dive in!

Odell's Throwback FlightMy husband and I biked over on Sunday and got down to business!  I had a 180 because I couldn’t pass that up and he had a flight of their throwback beers.

  • Bobby (Kolsch)
  • Heartland Wheat: their original wheat beer available during the early 90s
  • Old Town Ale: the first official brew (American Pale)
  • Stone Barn Ale (American Amber)
  • Riley’s Red
  • Sadly, the flight wasn’t completely throwbacks as Extra Special Red (their first Single Batach Series beer from 2006) had kicked by this point in the week

The pork was cooked to perfection and they also offered up a variety of sauces for dipping.  I chose a sweet and tangy barbecue sauce to go with mine.  The roasty notes of the 180 paired so well with the smoked pork!

Scott and I had a great time at Odell sipping beer and nibbling on some food.  It was a little chilly that day but perfect biking weather.  If you haven’t tried Odell’s anniversary ale make sure to get a bottle or head over to the brewery for a pour.  It’s a one and done so it won’t be around forever (and probably won’t be back!).

I’ll be off to Denver later this week to attend GABF.  You can follow along on Twitter and Instagram to see what I’m doing and where I’m at. Don’t forget there’s lots of events going on around town, too!

GABF Fort Collins Tap List

Taster FlightIt’s finally arrived, it’s Great American Beer Festival week!  Denver isn’t the only one that’s celebrating; Fort Collins has a lot going on as well this week.

Here’s a list of news items and tappings going on around town:

Funkwerks will be opening up at 10am all week with tours on the hour from 12-5:30pm.

Tap and Handle is doing daily/hourly tappings.  Click here for the schedule

Black Bottle has special tappings all week.  Click here for the schedule

List of current beers on tap at Choice City. Get moving because they currently have some amazing offers like Bruery Tart of Darkness and Lost Abbey 10 Commandments.

Pateros is doing 8 beers in 8 days. Check their Facebook to keep up on tappings.

Fort Collins Brewery schedule for the week.

Loveland AleWorks is tapping a new small batch beer each day.

Grimm Brothers schedule of releases for the week.


City Star is tapping beers from their cellar.  Click here for the full list and schedule.

Horse and Dragon is offering up a GABF flight with the accompanying GABF style guidelines for each beer.  Also, if you order a half pint of Sad Panda or Picnic Rock, you’ll receive a pretzel necklace making kit.


Grimm Brothers bottle release of Bookends, black sour ale aged in bourbon barrels.  Only available at World Beverage.

6pm-8pm New Holland and Odell Brewing at Forge Pub.  New Holland Dragon’s Milk and Woodsman and Odell’s 180 and Mountain Standard.

6:30pm: Hoppin Frog beer dinner at Choice City featuring their 10th Anniversary Pappy van Winkle barrel aged collaboration stout $55/ticket. RSVP 970-490-2489

7pm: Verboten’s Mountain Man will be on tap at Tap and Handle.


1pm Verboten selling bottles of their Night Has Fallen, Angry Banjo that’s been soured and barrel aged.  1-2 bottles per customer. (Buy 2 get a free logo glass.)

Starting at 12pm, Supermarket Liquors will be releasing cellared beers for purchase.

6-8pm: GABF Hoppin’ Frog at Forge Pub, $2 off pours and meet the brewers.  Full list of beers available.


6pm GABF Kickoff party at Road 34 featuring New Belgium’s La Folie, Le Terroir, Clutch, NBB Loves Leopold, Cherry Felix.

I’m sure that more events will pop up during the week so I will keep this updated with new items as they come along.  If you know of an event that I missed please feel free to message me about it!  If you’re looking for more details and up to the minute news, you can also follow me along on @BeerFortCollins which will have all that info.