Thank A Blogger Month

For the month of November The Scoop Blog Network is running a Thank A Blogger campaign which provides a way for readers to show their appreciation to the bloggers who provide them news and information about Fort Collins.

The bloggers who bring you news each week about the town you live in are doing this on their own time and with their own money.  Currently, the blogs in The Scoop Blog Network are funded solely by sponsorships.  If the blog doesn’t have any ads on the sidebar that means that the blogger is currently not being paid for the information that they are providing you.

Readers in the past have approached Feasting Fort Collins about ways they can give back and a lot of discussion within the network has be focused on this issue.

We know that subscriptions aren’t very popular and people do not like having to pay for content.  In an effort to try to provide a way for readers to thank the bloggers without resulting to restricting content, the idea for Thank A Blogger was formed.

Readers can donate to their blogger of choice and those funds go right to the blogger as a Thank You for providing them with free content on a consistent basis.  The donation link is provided on the sidebar and readers are free to make donations for the month of November.

This also brings up the opportunity to ask your thoughts on long-term sustainability of community information in Fort Collins. Online content is (and has always been) in a precarious balance – it’s either supported by advertising dollars or subscriptions. This is not a new challenge by any means, major publications all over are navigating the same predicament, but we’ve been constantly thinking about ways to maintain sustainable balance while providing information in Fort Collins. So, who better to ask than our readers?

We would love to get your two cents – would you support seeing more advertisers on our blogs? Possibly from large companies outside of Fort Collins? Would you ever pay for a subscription for our newsletters? Or a membership subscription for exclusive content? Or would you support a few reader donation drives like this a few times a year, PBS-style?

Let us know what you think and how you would like to see community content supported in Fort Collins.

And thanks so much to our readers who’ve asked for ways to donate! We appreciate you tremendously!

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Author:Andrea Ratulowski

Andrea Ratulowski is a long time blogger over at Food Embrace. She lives in Fort Collins with her husband and two rescue dogs. She loves great food and feels that beer is always the right choice.

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